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Michael Siegal, MD, PhD is a Board-Certified Internist/Cardiologist who has been practicing in Manhattan for over 20 years. 

An early adopter of the membership-based model, Dr. Siegal has been able to provide his patients with the attention and level of care they deserve, while providing them access to the additional experience and insights garnered during his multi-faceted healthcare career. 

Dr. Siegal has administrative experience as a Hospital Division and Department Chair, a Hospital Medical Director, and HMO Medical Director.  Since 1999 he has served as a medical communications consultant with Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, A WPP affiliate. 

Dr. Siegal received his PhD in Pharmacology and Cardiac Electrophysiology, and his MD, from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University. He earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Physics from Harvard College.