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At Siegal CCPHP, we believe that strong doctor-patient relationships are essential to helping you achieve your best health. The membership-based model at Siegal CCPHP allows patients to build a strong rapport with Dr. Siegal and collaboratively develop a personalized approach to your health.

Members are assured a more convenient, connected and collaborative relationship with their physician. The structure of the membership program is designed with one simple focus: you. The amenities and enhancements of our program are designed to help members achieve their individual goals.

Siegal CCPHP enables an innovative practice model that provides members a more personalized health care experience with a focus on proactively managing your overall health. Learn more about the many amenities and enhancements of the program.



Michael Siegal, MD, PhD is a Board-Certified Internist/Cardiologist who has been practicing in Manhattan for over 20 years. An early adopter of the membershipbased model, Dr. Siegal has been able to provide his patients with the attention and level of care they deserve, while providing them access to the additional experience and insights garnered during his multi-faceted healthcare career.